Monday mornings come around quickly when you love what you do! Here in the sales team at Immersive Labs, no two days are the same but they all have unmatchable energy. Whether we’re building pipeline or progressing current opportunities, we always share the same mission: to be the pioneers of cyber workforce resilience.

What we do

We take our genuinely unique product to new prospective customers and inspire existing customers to make the most of their licenses. The pains we are solving are at the forefront of CISO’s minds. Internally, we work closely with marketing to ensure our messaging is right,  partner with customer success to delight our customers, and feedback to content teams on what works and what needs improving.

Our Approach

Our onboarding process takes new starters through sales enablement training, providing all the tools needed for success here. We’re smart, hardworking, and driven people with open arms for feedback, advice, and general opinions. We’re a close-knit team that listens to each other. We all care about one another and we all want each other to be successful. Underpinning everything is the understanding that we’re all working towards something much bigger than ourselves.

Benefits of the Team

No one else does what we do at our scale. We’re trailblazers. You get to be part of a global team where your voice really does matter. What’s more, you get to influence an amazing product and get to learn something new every day. You’ll be rewarded financially for the work you do with a competitive package and share options. But most importantly, you’ll work with people you care about towards our common goal of making a positive impact on cyber workforce resilience.

Meet Our Team

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