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My First Six Months at Immersive Labs: Being Picky Paid Off!

Erin Jones sitting on a hill taking in the views across Switzerland
Erin taking in the sights of Switzerland

We checked in with Erin Jones six months after she started with our sales team to see how her expectations of joining Immersive Labs met with reality. In this blog, she talks us through her first impressions, how she has settled in, and how she is impacting the growth of our business.


Why did you join Immersive Labs?

When I first started my journey to find my next adventure, I was very picky with my requirements – at this point in my career I couldn’t afford not to be. At the forefront of every interview is the need for a culture fit, and for me, that meant a collaborative environment, a space where new ideas are welcomed, and the opportunity to make a greater impact on an organization. Looking back, the most important thing was that I wanted to work for a company where everyone is working towards a common goal.

Immersive Labs exemplified all three of these requirements. I chose Immersive Labs because this is a place where your opinion is valued and listened to. At any moment someone is around to offer advice, a helping hand, or be a sounding board to work through your ideas. This is a diverse environment including a variety of people from different industries and backgrounds that come together to accomplish a single goal. Because we are all working towards a common goal, every implementation of an idea has an impact. Whether that’s customer facing or the change in an internal process.

From the second you walk through the door (or virtually join a company-wide meeting) you can sense the level of excitement of each and every person. At the end of the day, Immersive Labs welcomed me and gave me confidence that I would learn, make an impact, and be a part of something great.

What’s delighted you about the onboarding experience here?

Erin Jones throwing a tennis ball into the air ready to serve
Erin preparing to serve at her tennis club

Starting a new job can be a little daunting at first – from being so comfortable with old processes and approaches to learning new skills. Thankfully, Immersive Labs took the stress of learning what can seem like a new language out of my onboarding. The team understands that everyone learns and digests information differently. Because of this, the onboarding process incorporates everything from hands-on learning to visual, reading, and writing, making this a very smooth transition. Working for a security company doesn’t mean you need to have your CISSP to excel; Immersive Labs makes learning something new easy, digestible, and fun.


What excites you most about our product and vision?

People-centric cyber resilience – have you ever heard of a company doing this? Probably not. Now that’s exciting! Immersive Labs is leading this new frontier in the industry. We’re a part of something monumental, and everyday we prove it. We are changing the way teams view and improve their security posture. For far too long, organizations thought they were only as strong as their tech and tools. In reality, you’re only as strong as your people. It’s time to make security a company-wide focus, not just IT and security teams.


What feedback have you received from your customers about the value of Immersive Labs’ solution?

Erin sipping on an espresso in Italy
Erin sipping espresso in Italy, as you do!

The overall reaction I get from future and current customers is excitement. The teams we work with truly enjoy using the product and they love the ability to compete with their teammates. It’s rewarding to see just how happy people are to use our solution and how they wish they’ve had it for years. Most importantly, my customers tell me about how their customers appreciate the efforts they put forward to ensure the organization is secure. Being able to prove to customers and stakeholders that there is continuous cyber skills improvement across teams and data to back it up has brought in more trust and confidence between both parties. Additionally, we’re helping people be promoted internally faster. By helping customers build career paths, we’ve allowed teams to promote and retain their best talent. Overall, my customers are seeing success internally and externally due to partnering with Immersive Labs.


At our fortnightly stand up, we always get our new joiners to share a fun fact about themselves. What was yours?

My fun fact is that I’ve trained Search & Rescue K9 Bloodhounds. Since I was about 12 years old, my family and I have dedicated our time to training and running these K9s. My step dad works for a Prosecutor’s Office and uses the bloodhounds to help find missing and endangered children as well as adults with Alzheimers and Dementia who have found themselves misplaced. Our dogs have brought home hundreds of people and I’m very proud to continue this work. When the dogs aren’t working, they are brought home and loved every night.


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