Our Culture

Impact, Purpose, Belonging

Immersive Culture

Our Mission

We imagine a world where every organization is confident their workforce has the knowledge, skills, and judgment to stand up to cyber threats. This is Cyber Workforce Resilience.

Life at Immersive

Everything we do is guided by our four core values: Drive, Inclusivity, Customer Obsessed, and One team.

We’re a team of innovators growing rapidly and leaving a trail of disruption behind us. We’re passionate about supporting our customers as they continuously assess, build, and prove their Cyber Workforce Resilience. Our values exist as a framework to help us support and empower each other, because we know that when we feel accepted, included, and happy at work, we can be our best. This is life at Immersive Labs. 

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We are innovators and market-creators, constantly moving forward to achieve results in support of our mission.

  • We have a bias to action, determined and focused, we don’t wait for the perfect plan to act. 
  • We prioritize and set challenging goals to deliver ambitious outcomes.
  • We’re resilient and accept that change and the occasional failure are inevitable on the way to success.
Immersive Assemble 2021


We are passionate about creating an environment of inclusion and respect for our teammates, customers, and partners, where everyone has opportunities to thrive.

  • We build diverse teams of people and seek to understand a wider perspective.
  • We don’t shy away from conversations or topics that make us uncomfortable.
  • We demonstrate empathy and treat everyone with respect ensuring we all have a sense of belonging.
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Customer Obsessed

We seek to develop deep relationships with our customers to help them achieve their business outcomes. 

  • We’re easy to do business with. We balance the market needs of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.
  • We innovate in service of our customer needs, seeking feedback and data to ensure we deliver long-term value. 
  • We build strategic lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.
The team in Boston on a global Zoom call

One Team

We are a talented global team working together to achieve our vision.

  • We proactively break down silos and build relationships outside our immediate team.
  • We are accountable. We contribute ideas, expertise, and knowledge.
  • We take time to recognize and celebrate success knowing we depend on one-another to succeed.

Our values are the pillars on which our culture is built. To ensure they continue to be an authentic reflection of who we are and who we aspire to be as a business, any changes we make to them are done with input from the whole business (yes, everyone!). Two have remained constant – Drive and Inclusivity. Two have grown with us over the last five years of our journey – Customer Obsessed and One Team.

What it’s like
to work at Immersive Labs

When people ask what it’s like to work at Immersive Labs you’ll usually hear the same few sentiments:

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Learn more

Living our values

Discover how we live our values and behaviours in our blog.

It’s not all about work

As the creators of a platform that’s built on gamification, we believe play is a vital part of learning and self-development. See what we’ve been playing recently.

Adapting to new world

We don’t need to tell you that 2020 was a transformative year for everyone. Read our Response to COVID to discover how we adapted as a company.

The power of community

We believe in giving back. See how we’ve been working with communities in Bristol, Boston and technology as a whole to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to increasing diversity in cybersecurity and maintaining an inclusive workplace culture. See what our recent Diversity, Equity & Inclusion survey has shown and what we are doing to improve.


Our products enable the humans in cybersecurity to keep their organizations safer from the latest threats. We want our culture to provide a safe space, enabling everyone to be their authentic selves when arriving at work every day. At Immersive Labs, we have 5 key objectives to help us ensure this:

  1. Every single employee of Immersive Labs should feel safe to be themselves. We want a culture of belonging. This is not somewhere you come to ‘fit in’, this is somewhere you can thrive and be your authentic self.
  2. We will champion diversity and inclusion not just in Immersive Labs but the wider cybersecurity industry.
    We want a demographic balance that reflects the countries and areas we operate in.
  3. We all have a role to play in making sure everyone feels like they belong.
  4. We want people to feel safe to speak up if they witness/experience any behaviours which does not exemplify this.
  5. We will always come from a place of respect when interacting with people who have different beliefs from our own.
DEI at Immersive

The Power of Community

Social Responsibility

We care about the environment, and we’re committed to improving the communities we’re involved in, both locally and globally.

Digital Cyber Academy

Students, military veterans and members of the neurodiverse community can gain free access to our platform via our Digital Cyber Academies, which exist to help identify new talent based on real skills, not degrees or certifications. Our enterprise customers and sponsors advertise jobs via our browser-based platform to hire without bias, helping to increase diversity within their organizations. Discover our Digital Cyber Academies.

Office working in Boston
Flying above the clouds

Carbon Neutral

In 2019 and 2020, we offset 100 tons of CO2 – that’s our entire carbon footprint.

Our Tech Zero team out volunteering

Volunteer Days

Everyone in the company gets a day to volunteer each year. To date 200 volunteer days have been used to contribute to community projects including:

Bristol charity Ignite Life: which help support vulnerable children and young people who have been excluded from society

Brunel Care – Bringing some cheer to the elderly in Bristol

Knowle Swimming baths

Community Involvement

We match charity donations raised by staff, with $5,200 raised in 2020, and we sponsor local tech groups like BristolJS and Girls Who Code.