Our Story

When James Hadley first scribbled down his idea, he had no idea it would later become a platform that the likes of Goldman Sachs and Summit Partners would want to invest in. This is our story…

A brief history

After delivering GCHQ’s cyber summer school, James realised that passive classroom-based training suited neither the people nor the pace of cybersecurity. The content dated quickly, and its one-dimensional nature meant the creative minds in the room quickly disengaged. He knew that a practical online solution was needed – one that would allow learners to continuously hone their skills, get to grips with new threats, and become familiar with the latest tools and techniques. In short, they needed a platform that would help them keep up with the attackers.

On the flip side, businesses have never struggled more to ensure their security teams are well resourced, well trained, and well prepared. Their focus has been on building their tech stacks – not on the people behind the screens. As a result, the skills shortage is only growing as security teams are overworked and undertrained, and organizations are left scrambling to catch up with the ever-shifting threat landscape.

Enter Immersive Labs. Human cyber readiness is our mission: we empower organizations to increase, measure and demonstrate human capabilities in every part of their cybersecurity. Our challenge-based cybersecurity content is developed by experts and powered by the latest threat research. Covering everything from spelling the word cyber to technical tools, threat hunting and reverse engineering malware, our ‘labs’ help organizations to align human capabilities across entire workforces to the actual cyber risks that they face. Our platform delivers continuous challenges, scenarios and crisis simulations that can be used by businesses to battle-test and evidence their preparedness to face emerging cyber threats.

Since then we’ve grown to over 200 employees across the UK, US and Europe, with HQs in Bristol, UK and Boston, MA. To date, we’ve secured $123 million in investment from Insight Partners, Menlo Ventures, Citi Ventures, Summit Partners and Goldman Sachs. Our technology is already helping over 300 enterprises around the world, including AirBnB, P&G, Citibank, Sophos and the NHS, while around 5,000 labs are completed every single day.

  1. IML starts in a box


    January 2017
    Immersive Labs is founded by James Hadley! Our very first office – a shipping container at Bristol’s Boxworks – is opened.
  2. 1st iteration of iML platform

    1st Platform Launched

    May 2017
    The first iteration of our platform is launched just in time for us to release a lab on one of the biggest security incidents of the 21st century: Wannacry.
  3. 2nd space

    Growing Team

    March 2018
    Our team grows to 20. We have well and truly outgrown the shipping container, so we move up the road to Hartwell House, Bristol.
  4. 1st QBR

    1st Investment

    June 2018
    We secure an $8m investment from Goldman Sachs and celebrate with our first (infamous) Quarterly Business Review Party.
  5. Hartwell house

    Grow to new space

    October 2018
    Our team grows to 50 and we move into Runway East to accommodate all the new faces!
  6. Boston office

    US Office

    July 2019
    We launch in the US! Our first home across the pond is in Boston, MA, and we set to growing the team even more.
  7. Series B

    November 2019
    Now this is a big one! We raise $40M in Series B funding through Summit Partners and our existing investor Goldman Sachs.
  8. 100th employee

    100th Employee

    January 2020
    We welcome our 100th employee, just three years after employee number 1. Watch the video here
  9. working from home during COVID

    We go remote

    March 2020
    Overnight, we switch to a fully remote workforce. All 130 of us on both sides of the Atlantic are set up at home, ready to tackle life and work under lockdown.
  10. life's too short

    Life’s too short

    September 2020
    Our fully remote team of 150 get the chance to try something new as part of our ‘You Only Live Once’ perk.
  11. Secured 75M in Series C Investment

    June 2021
    We've raised $75M to harness data insights for workforce-wide cyber skills
  12. Our Marketing team

    We’re ecstatic to be one of Comparably’s Top 25 Happiest workplaces!

    October 2021
    This award is extra special as it was assessed by anonymous employee reviews over the last 12 months, covering feedback around our work environment, pay, benefits, mental health, investment in company goals, interaction with colleagues, and pride in working at Immersive Labs.

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