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How we connect across the globe in sales

Rev Ops team
The team together at Immersive Assemble 2021

I joined Immersive Labs’ revenue operations team in February of 2020, just before the global COVID pandemic started. I spent two weeks onboarding in Bristol (Immersive’s UK headquarters) getting to know the go-to-market (GTM), operations, and finance teams. I got back to Boston (our US HQ) not knowing it would be one of the last times we would see each other for the next two years!

Despite no one being able to go into the office or travel, Immersive continued to skyrocket through the pandemic in both revenue and headcount across the US and EMEA. But in doing so, we had to adapt to how we worked both as a company and as a team. Most importantly, we had to ensure we upheld one of our core values: inclusivity. I believe our inclusive culture here at Immersive is what sets us apart from other companies and has been a major factor in our growth. Regardless of location, we do everything possible to make sure team members are connected, engaged, and most importantly, feel happy and fulfilled in the work they do.

The revenue operations team supports our global GTM organization across sales, customer success, and marketing, but also serves as a key conduit to connect GTM revenue operations with the finance, legal, and operations teams. The team comprises sales operations, systems architects, customer success operations, marketing operations, and sales enablement. Team members are also located across the US and EMEA, spanning the UK and Ireland to Austin, TX and Denver, CO – totaling a seven hour difference between the team! While this allows for regional support, it also presents the challenge of ensuring the team feels engaged, happy, and part of the Immersive Labs culture. We’ve evolved the way we work together over the last two years, both within our team and to our internal stakeholders, to meet the growing demands of the business as well as the growing demands of the team.

One the most important aspects of how we work is treating each other with compassion and empathy on a human level. Work-life balance is so crucial to our success because it’s what allows us to bring our best selves to work. Life has been hard for everyone over the last couple of years with the line between work and home life blurring – so we always focus on personal well-being. Immersive ensures people are taking care of themselves, upholding the boundaries between work and home life, and taking enough vacation days to make sure everyone feels like the best version of themselves.

We also need to make sure our team members feel engaged and connected to one another, especially since we can’t meet up at the office. The revenue operations team has grown over the last year to the point that not all workstreams cross over to one another on a day-to-day basis. But we’ve evolved to tackle this – one example being our weekly huddle meeting. When the team was smaller, it was a beneficial use of time to align our weekly priorities and key initiatives. Now with a larger team, it’s more about ensuring everyone understands what others are working on, prom

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oting collaboration across the team, and keeping everyone aware of the wider GTM strategic updates. Team members present a key initiative to the group to elicit feedback and how other team members can help support. We also bring in guest speakers from other areas of the business to provide insights into their day-to-day work and key initiatives.

On a smaller scale, and aside from weekly one-to-ones, some of our team members and their managers (especially those that are across the pond) find it beneficial to have mini syncs throughout the week. This way, they stay connected and can quickly collaborate on key project updates for the week.

However, we all still thrive off of human interaction as a source of energy and fun. The major highlight of the year for the entire company is the Immersive Assemble, where both the EMEA and US teams come together to celebrate our successes, collaborate on major company initiatives, and most importantly, have fun!

Immersive’s success is all about the people who work here. We do all we can to uphold our culture of inclusivity, drive, and agility. These values separate us from other companies and provide team members with a place to thrive and grow their careers.