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Refer a friend – in action!

Recruitment is a company-wide effort. From diversifying our teams to bringing in high performing talent – we each play a role. So, how cool is it when you are rewarded for it too?! That’s what happened when our customer success team were seeking out a new member. Dawn, one of our senior customer success managers, had the lightening strike when we opened a customer success manager role on the east coast. She knew the perfect person to bring some pizazz to the team.


Dawn with her son and their puppy Senna
Dawn with her son on the day they brought home their puppy, Senna

Dawn – What made you think of Lisa for the opportunity and how did you find out about our referral programme?

Lisa and I worked together early on in our careers and have always stayed in touch through LinkedIn or meeting up for lunch. In addition to catching up about our families, we discussed our jobs and career ambitions. From these conversations, I had a good idea of the type of career and company she might be interested in. I also knew that I would love to work with Lisa again.

Immersive Labs has a great set of benefits, including a generous referral bonus or, my favorite, the Learn Anything benefit I’m using soon for snowboarding lessons. The referral bonus is great, but it’s really about bringing others to an organization where I’m proud to work.

Lisa – What did you think when Dawn reached out to you about the role? Has expectation been met with reality?

I started looking for a new role at the same time I saw that there was an opportunity to work with Dawn. She seemed genuinely happy when she transitioned to Immersive Labs, so my interest was piqued. I had a rather long call late on a Friday with Dawn, and she was very open about the solution, the team, and the culture. Three weeks in, the role and the company have exceeded my expectations.

Dawn – Why did you recommend Immersive Labs to Lisa?

When I joined Immersive Labs, I was looking for an opportunity to learn something new. The Immersive team has welcomed me and provided onboarding in various channels and formats, including through our Labs, which made the onboarding process easy and fun. I also love the culture here. Everyone is so approachable and willing to support each other. I’m excited about Immersive Labs’s future and thought Lisa would be a great addition to our team. 

Lisa with her daughters
Lisa with her daughters

Lisa – What has been your favorite part of joining Immersive Labs?

The people! I have been amazed at how every person I meet is helpful, warm, and kind. I also need to call out the tools we use here and how thoughtfully they’re configured (Gainsight, Highspot, etc). It’s a strong indication that leadership is serious about positioning the team to grow the business and delight customers.

Dawn/Lisa – At our company-wide stand ups, our new starters always share a fun fact about themselves. What were yours? 

Lisa: Mine was that I started waterskiing before I started kindergarten. That’s what happens when you are from the land of 10,000 lakes.

Dawn: I grew up in the little town of Boyceville in Wisconsin. Our claim to fame was being the “cucumber capital of the world.” I have fond memories of my own family’s pickle patch. We would pick our cucumbers and take them into town to be weighed and sorted at the factory. 

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