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My lockdown onboarding experience: Raj Sidhu – Customer Success Manager

I’m Raj – I started my journey with the Customer Success team at Immersive Labs in January, in yet another lockdown. 

I dreaded the interview stage, thinking that meeting my manager and colleagues virtually would hamper our ability to get to know each other. This couldn’t have been further from the truth!

Corina (Immersive Labs’ Talent Partner) was the first person I met, and she really set the tone, embodying the IL culture with her friendliness, inclusivity and honesty. Meeting Corina made it clear that the company, culture and role was the right fit for me. 

The interviews were conducted via Zoom (due to Covid restrictions) but were interactive and conversational –  I actually enjoyed them! I think that the interview process of any company reflects the way it treats its employees, and this experience is testament to Immersive Labs’ work ethic, ethos and culture. 

As my start date approached I was nervous about how I would integrate and collaborate with the team, with everyone working remotely. Starting a new job is always daunting, but since I’d also been on maternity leave – bonding with my little girl and figuring out parenthood – I was feeling a little out of touch. However, I was also excited for the new challenge.

A week before I started I received my login details and my onboarding program (which was comprehensive), and my calendar was full of intros to key stakeholders. On day one I met my team over Zoom, and wow – I’ve never encountered such a welcoming bunch! They put me at ease instantly and were willing to help wherever I needed it. I was also paired up with a buddy in the team who has been helping me get up to speed.

Immersive Labs has made the transition from parental leave to work smooth, despite challenges like missing spending the day with my baby, and hearing her crying while her grandparents watch her. Finding a nursery has been tough in lockdown, so I’ve had to juggle that with work. My manager has been flexible, however, and really understands the work–baby balance: I’ve been offered extended lunches, flexible diary management and a supportive ear, so I couldn’t be happier with the support I’ve received from them and the rest of my team.

IL has definitely got a handle on working effectively during a pandemic. I’ve been offered flexible working and regular breaks to support my wellbeing, and we have lots of team meets throughout the week, including lunches, tea breaks and a Friday happy hour. The team really understands the demands of parenthood and does everything possible to allow for a positive work–life balance – something I was unsure any company could provide while I raise my girl and witness her magical milestones. 

Overall I’m really enjoying my role, and I’m getting the support I need to excel. I can’t wait to grow with Immersive Labs and – who knows – maybe I’ll finally get to meet the team in person!