say in the life of customer success

A day in the life of Nurah, Senior Manager, Customer Success

Starting a new job during a lockdown isn’t something I’d ever imagine doing, but these aren’t exactly ‘normal’ times. While I’ve had great conversations with everyone over Zoom prior to joining, I was worried about missing out on the office culture, having been unable to meet anyone in person.

Six weeks in and I’m (pleasantly) surprised at how remarkably adaptable everyone in the company is. I certainly save some time not having to commute into work and it also helps that Immersers have been so wonderfully welcoming – with so many fun events and get-togethers to help us stay connected. And if they can get all of this done virtually, I can’t begin to imagine what they typically get up to IRL.

For one, in observing Mental Health Awareness month, we have a Bristol to Boston challenge where if we collectively rack up 3,172 miles (the distance between our two offices) Immersive Labs will donate £1/$1 per mile to a mental health charity. What a great way to motivate each other to stay active! My contribution to this is by starting the day with a Zumba Strong workout from YouTube, a livestream Zoom Boss Chick Dance workout or go for a one-hour walk.

With a burst of energy and some vitamin-D, I’m ready to go! Our customer base is growing, as is the Customer Success team, so there’s a lot to do.

When I’m not on calls learning about our customers, what they want out of our platform and how I can help them achieve that, I’m talking to our SMEs to deepen my understanding of our product and the customer experience. It’s an exciting time to be at Immersive Labs; as we scale to keep up with our growth, the importance of getting the right tool and processes in place to delight and deliver value to our customers becomes clearer.

The other part of my day is spent with implementation teams and stakeholders to launch our Customer Success tech stack. This will enable us to better understand how our customers are using our solution and therefore, help them succeed.

virtual happy hourAlso, it’s Friday! So I have our virtual Happy Hours with my UK team and Boston office mates to look forward to. I just have to decide between a chilled glass of my favorite savvy-B or whiskey – nothing like a drink with the work-fam to wind down!