A day in the life of a sales person

A day in the life of Kevin, Enterprise Account Director

The thing I love most about working in sales is how no two days are ever the same. It removes the analogous nature that may come with other roles – something I have tried, tested and hated. I enjoy how each day keeps me on my toes and there is a certain energy around each day that is unmatchable!

When you love what you do, Monday mornings tend to come round quick. I am usually up at 05:45 with the baby; I make sure I get in some time with him before kicking off my 90 minute commute to the office. By 08:00, I’m ready for the day to start!

A typical Immersive sales day has two key components to it: the first involves building pipeline and the second is all about progressing current opportunities. Both are equally important and both take up a sizable part of each day.

Building pipeline is crucial, because a rewarding sales role is one where you always have deals in the funnel to work on – ensuring you have just as many opportunities in the bag for future months as you do for the current month. I spend quite a bit of time each day working through my target accounts as well as the existing relationships I have. Email campaigns are something I put a ton of effort into, making sure I create targeted emails that maximize Immersive Labs’ exposure.]

I often warm up to the day by working through the existing relationships that I’ve cultivated the years. These relationships include channel partners and other accounts I’ve worked on in previous lives.

I have weekly calls with channel partners to ensure I am always at the top of their mind. Since these channel partners have so many vendors reaching out to them, building a relationship with them and keeping it alive can be time consuming but always worth it! Pipeline is the life blood of any sales person and this is a crucial piece of a successful sales puzzle. Progressing current opportunities is another important part of each day! I like to stay current with all of my current opportunities, whether they’re in the early or final stages of a deal.

I put a lot of effort into looking for value-based articles to send out, with the hopes of instilling their confidence in us. Thankfully Immersive Labs is fast building a reputation for itself, so finding reputable third-party articles isn’t as difficult as it would have been in the early days. Add to that, the industry leading cyber security pros we have writing our content; most of our prospective clients can’t help being intrigued. Each opportunity is different and with each comes a varied amount of dedicated time. A good sales person is someone who knows how much time to spend on each opportunity. This could involve jumping on calls with additional stakeholders, working through a trial, meeting with key contacts to work on the next steps or compiling a business justification presentations for the customer.

Given the nature of my role, the day quickly gets filled with meetings, calls and emails all of which aimed at helping close the next sales cycle! And just like that Monday is done. Time to prep myself for Tuesday which is bound to bring with it a new adventure – this is why I love sales as much as I do!