Lucy Roper - a day in the life of operations

A day in the life of Lucy, Office Manager

IML branded merchMy vibrating phone causes my desk to buzz – it’s reception, informing me that I have visitors. It’s Monday, the time is 10:06 and I have three newbies waiting. I’ve already placed an Immersive Labs backpack on each of their desks, bursting with branded merch and other treats to get them through their first week.

We pack into the lift and head on up. Before leaving them with their their line manager, I give them a tour of our office. I’ll be checking they know where to find the fire exits, first-aid kits and (more importantly) the stash of biscuits! I especially enjoy seeing their eyes light up when they find out we have a games room boasting a F1 simulator, Xbox and vintage arcade machine. I make a mental note to give them a good bashing on Street Fighter when they’re over their first day jitters.

I’m an inherent multitasker, so while copying their forms, I give the fridge and coffee machine a once-over: still stocked with cold drinks and posh coffee beans. A big part of my job is ensuring our Content team is kept going with the power of strong espressos, chilled Rios and something stronger on Friday afternoons! I wouldn’t want you thinking we only offer caffeine and booze though. Four days a week we have fruit delivered from our local supplier, to ensure everyone gets their five a day, which reminds me, there’s a crate waiting downstairs.

I’m back, typing with one hand and a satsuma in the other. Speaking of all this feeding and watering, something even thirstier than our hard-working employees is our growing collection of plants. Keeping them lush and healthy is basically it’s own full-time job; you’ll often see me pottering about with my big blue watering can and plant food. Only the best for my foliage! I talk to them a bit too often and admittedly, they aren’t the best conversationalists but that’s for a blog for another day.

Next on my list is something I can’t even whisper to the plants about: our staff dos – particularly our Quarterly Business Reviews – which until a week before are a secret I guard with my life.

It’s now 11:27 and Archibald*, my Uber driver, is on his way to take me to the venue for our next QBR. I’m immediately impressed by his 4.89 rating. Once there, I get my final checks done. Herman*, the manager, shows me where our CEO, James, will be delivering his end-of-quarter presentation.

‘The food will be served there and that’s where the DJ and speakers will be’, he explains. It’s comforting to know I’ll be able to make a few shapes on the dance floor and the bar is pretty sizeable so those in need of some liquid courage will be pleased.

It’s 12:42 by the time I get back to the office. I log onto SkyScanner to book one of our remote employees a trip to Bristol from Romania. Looking at flights always give me a jealous twinge and a bout wanderlust. Having completed the EasyJet booking form, I succumb to the impulse of booking myself a two-week holiday to Mexico.

iml snacksBy 13:00, it’s well and truly time for lunch: an unexciting homemade salad. The kitchen conversation however, is anything but. Tired of picking through an abundance of rocket leaves, I decided to wander downstairs and completely ruin my healthy lunch with a slice of Victoria sponge. I have no regrets…

Did I mention we’ve just opened our second office in Boston? To say the hiring process has been a little time-consuming would be an understatement. The balancing act of finding the right space and doing everything to keep the same Immersive feel, while ensuring our new North American HQ feels original, has been challenging but fun. I’ve been kept busy ordering rugs and wall stickers, sending merch over and creating a plan to make our Stateside brothers and sisters feel as part of the team as they would in Bristol.

By 16:15, I’ve checked back in with the new-starters, restocked the fridge following it’s lunchtime raiding, cleaned and refilled the coffee machine and got a boatload-sized delivery sent to Boston. With that, I realise just how varied my job is. From one hour to the next I can be a travel agent, communications assistant, diary planner, interior designer, events manager, gardener, or a barista. Time to start planning tomorrow’s adventure!

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.